Will 2000-Watt Generator Run Skill Saw or Circular Saw? (Nope!)

First of all, Skill saws and circular saws have little difference. Technically, all the skill saws are circular saws. So, there is no major issue with the wattage here. 

However, the circular saws (as the other AC electric motors like compressor, water pump, fan, etc.) need almost double power to start. That means, if the running watt of the circular saw is 1200 watts then the starting watts is 2400 watts.  

will a 2000-watt generator run a skill saw or circular saw? 

No, unfortunately, a 2000-watt generator is not enough for running a standard 15 Amp circular saw. A 15 Amp circular saw on a 120-volt line will draw 1800-watt power. That means you need almost 3600 starting watts. So, the 2000-watt generator can not afford the power! 

The formula for getting the watt is: 

Wattage= Amp x Volt

If you run the skill saw on a 240-volt line then the wattage will double. 

is 2000 watt generator is enough for a circular saw
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Starting watt vs running watt for Circular saw

If you don’t know, most power tools and electric home appliances need extra power to start. Then it runs on lower power. The extra power is known as the starting watt. And the running power is known as running watt. 

Like all other power tools, the skill saw, circular saw, or any types of saw need extra power to start. 

The amperage of Circular Saw

Amperage or Amp or ampere is the total power that the motor draws while running. 15 Amp is the standard for circular saws. Other sizes like 11 Amp, 12 Amp, 13 Amp, 14 amp, 15 Amp, and larger circular saws are available in the market. 

Let us calculate the power consumption of a smaller circular saw like11 Amp. An 11 Amp circular saw needs 11*120 (amp*volt) = 1320 running watts. That means it needs almost 2600 starting watts. 

With a 2000-watt generator, you will get a maximum of 80% or 1600-watt power to safely run your appliances. This is the general rule, you know.

how many watts for a skill saw?

The watts of skill saw varies model to model. Also, it depends on the purpose of use. 11 Amp to 20 Amp circular saws and skill saws are available in the market. But the 15 Amp is the most common for the skill saw as well as other power tools like compressors and others. 

Size of circular or skill saw

Here is the list of the most common size circular saws. 

  • 6.5 Inch
  • 7.25 Inch
  • 8 Inch
  • 8.25 Inch
  • 8.5 Inch
  • 10 Inch
  • 12 Inch
  • 14 Inch

Which Generator Size Do I Require For A Skill Saw or circular saw?

You should go for at least a 4000-watt portable generator to run your power tools like a circular saw. For less than 4000 watts, you could consider the 3500-watt portable generator. But this will not be the perfect size for the power tools like a circular saw. 

Final thoughts 

So, a 2000-watt portable generator is not the perfect size generator to run a skill saw. I hope, this article helps you to understand the facts. 

Reference: https://www.generatorsource.com/Power_Consumption_Chart.aspx


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