How Many Amps Does A Generator Produce?

Usually, the generator’s power is measured in wattages like 1000 watts or 5000 watts. Also, some people know it as a 1KW or 5KW generator. You know, 1 KW is equal to 1000 watts. 

However, to calculate the amps of the generator you must know the watts and volts of your generator.  

how do you measure the amperage output of a generator? 

The main equation for calculating the amps is, 

Power (P)= Voltage (V) x Current (I)

Now let me clarify the unit of these terms. 

Power watt 
Voltage volt 
Current amp 

That means, we can write the equation as,

watt = volt x amp 

Or, amp = watt/ volt 

Now, let me clear it by thinking clearly. Imagine, you have a 6000 watt or 6 KW champion (or any other brands) portable generator. And you live in the US where 120 volts is the most common in the household. 

So, you know the watts and volts. Now, the calculator is super easy. 

The total amps of your generator will draw: watt/volt. 

That means, 6000/120= 50 amps

If you live in a house with 220 volts, it will be: 6000/220 = 27.28 amp

Note: Your generator will draw amps only when the generator is running. 

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calculated table for ampacity of mostly used generator 

For your convenience, I have calculated all the commonly used generators with 120 volts (US), 220 volts (most common), and 230 volts (UK).

Generator WattAmps at 120VAmps at 220VAmps at 230V
500 watt4.16 Amps2.27 Amps2.17 Amps
1000 watt8.33 Amps4.55 Amps4.34 Amps
1500 watt12.5 Amps6.81 Amps6.52 Amps
2000 watt16.66 Amps9.09 Amps8.69 Amps
2500 watt20.83 Amps11.36 Amps10.86 Amps
3000 watt25 Amps16.63 Amps13.04 Amps
3500 watt29.16 Amps15.90 Amps15.21 Amps
4000 watt33.33 Amps18.18 Amps17.39 Amps
4500 watt37.5 Amps20.45 Amps19.56 Amps
5000 watt41.66 Amps22.72 Amps21.73 Amps
5500 watt45.83 Amps25 Amps23.91 Amps
6000 watt50 Amps27.27 Amps26.08 Amps
6500 watt54.16 Amps29.54 Amps28.26 Amps
7000 watt58.33 Amps31.81 Amps30.43 Amps
7500 watt62.5 Amps34.09 Amps32.60 Amps
8000 watt66.66 Amps36.36 Amps34.78 Amps
8500 watt70.83 Amps38.63 Amps36.95 Amps
9000 watt75 Amps40.90 Amps39.13 Amps
9500 watt79.16 Amps43.18 Amps41.30 Amps
10000 or 10KW watt83.33 Amps45.45 Amps43.47 Amps
11KW watt91.66 Amps50 Amps47.82 Amps
12KW watt100 Amps54.54 Amps52.17 Amps
13KW watt108.33 Amps59.09 Amps56.52 Amps
14KW watt116.66 Amps63.63 Amps60.86 Amps
15KW watt125 Amps68.18 Amps65.21 Amps
16KW watt133.33 Amps72.72 Amps69.56 Amps
17KW watt141.66 Amps77.27 Amps73.91 Amps
18KW watt150 Amps81.81 Amps78.26 Amps
19KW watt158.33 Amps86.36 Amps82.60 Amps
20KW watt166.66 Amps90.90 Amps86.95 Amps
21KW watt175 Amps95.45 Amps91.30 Amps
22KW watt183.33 Amps100 Amps95.65 Amps
23KW watt191.66 Amps104.54 Amps100 Amps
24KW watt200 Amps109.09 Amps104.34 Amps
25KW watt208.33 Amps1113.63 Amps108.69 Amps
26KW watt216.66 Amps118.18 Amps113.04 Amps
27KW watt225 Amps122.72 Amps117.39 Amps
28KW watt233.33 Amps127.27 Amps121.73 Amps
29KW watt241.66 Amps131.81 Amps126.08 Amps
30KW watt250 Amps136.36 Amps130.43 Amps

I hope this table and calculation help you to understand the amps of your generator.


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