What Size Generator Do I Need For 3 Bedroom House?

Before answering the question of what size generator you need for a 3 bedroom house, you should answer some questions. Like, What is the purpose of using a generator? Do you want to use the generator for only emergency situations like power outages during a disaster or for long-term use?

what size generator do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

For emergency use, a 3000 to a 5000-watt portable generator is enough for a 3-bedroom house. Usually, people do not run heavy appliances with a generator. If you want to run all your appliances like Freezer, furnace, central air, dishwasher, etc, then the calculation will be different. 

You could consider the inverter generator for getting the pure sine wave. With the inverter generator, you can run sensitive electronics as well as others. On the other hand, for long-term use, a standby generator is the best option.

To select the right standby generator, you have to calculate the demand for power. The process is super easy. Count the watts of the appliances of your home. More precisely which appliances do you need to run during the power outage? Then sum up the watts. Say, for example, you need 5000 watts of electricity. That means you need a 30% more powerful generator or a 6500-watt generator. Because there is a difference between the running watt and starting watt. Appliances need more starting watt when you switch on the appliances. 

How Much Electricity Should A 3 Bedroom House Use?

An average 3-bedroom house in the US uses 3,100kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas. This value is in kWh. If you run all your appliances with the generator for long-term use, then portable generators are not a good option. You could go for the standby or whole house generator. 

Factors to consider before selecting the right size generator for 3 bedroom house

Factors to consider before selecting the right size generator for 3 bedroom house

Number of family members 

It is crucial. The number of members varies from family to family. So, you should consider the number of your family member. The more the number, the more power you need in your home. If you are 6-7 in number, you could consider the higher wattage. 

Consider the appliances 

Usually, we run the kitchen tools, power tools, and luxurious appliances with the generator. 

Kitchen tools 

Please consider the total wattage of your kitchen tools before selecting a generator for 3 bedroom house. If you run every kitchen tool like the blender, grinder, range hood, electric stove, dishwasher, and kitchen fridge, then a small generator is not enough to power up your appliances. So, make sure which kitchen appliances you need to run and calculate the total wattage.

Power tools 

Power tools like saw, grinder, sanders, etc, then you need a powerful generator. so, dont forget to consider your desired power tools before selecting the right generator. An 8000w to 10000w generator will be great in this case. 

Home tools 

home tools like air conditioners, air purifiers, furnaces, etc need more power than small tools. If you want to run all the basic appliances including these larger ones, you definitely need a large generator. 

best generator for 3 bedroom house 

Best Generator for 3 Bedroom HouseStarting WattRunning Time Warranty
Honda EU2200i 2200 WattsUp to 9.6 hours3 Years
Generac IQ35003500 WattsUp to 11 hours3 Years
Westinghouse IGen45004500 WattsUp to 18 hours3 Years
WEN GN60006000 WattsUp to 7.5 hours2 Years

Final Thoughts 

Calculating the demand for your power is the key to selecting the right generator. I hope you have the basic idea and can now calculate the demanded power. After calculating the initial demand, select your preferred generator. 

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