I extremely miss my childhood memories. Those days were fantastic. My dad worked in his farmhouse and I helped him as much as possible. Almost everything was handmade then. Since I Grew up in the Midwest farming area, I learned very quickly how to make things to make our life easier.

I was passionate about electronics and alternative energy. You know, living in an off-grid farmhouse was not easy at all. We often went on outings and camping.

However, these days, it is too easy to build a project with the help of smart tools. Although everything is readymade today, I believe, we love the DIY mentality in the core.

Now almost everyone hires someone else to do their basic tasks. I can’t understand why people don’t try to finish their basic works. If it is a heavy job, then the calculation is different.

Only energetic people enjoy the inner peace of completing a project.

That is why I salute you. you and I are not the same as the hybrid people.

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