What Will 1000 Watt Generator Run? (With Advanced Tips)

A generator is a lifesaving tool indeed. If you are living in an off-grid farmhouse or an area where blackout is common, you know how important the generator is! Moreover, if you are a camper or RVier, a generator is a must-have tool for you. 

You can run the appliances in which starting wattage is less than 1000-watt with a 1000-watt portable generator. Small appliances like light, bulbs, 4-cup coffee maker, blender, laptop, mobile charger with a 1000 watt portable inverter generator.

If you have already a 1000 watt generator or planning to buy a 1000 watt generator, you should know what will a 1000 watt generator run. Here, you will get a precise idea of what can you run or what cant you run with a 1000 watt generator. 

So, keep reading. 

What Will A 1000 Watt Generator Run

Understand The 1000-watt Generator Rating 

You should have a clear idea of the generator rating. If you read the generator Manual, you will find starting watt/peak and running watt. Do you know what do they mean actually? 

All of your appliances are not the same. Some appliances need more starting/peak/surge watt than their running watt. Actually, it depends on their motor. Tools with an inductive electric motor need more starting watt. The refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, drills are running by the inductive electric motor. 

That means, if you have appliances that need 1000 watts to run, you can not run those with a 1000 watt generator in most cases. 

Let me clarify. Like the appliances, the generator also has a peak and running watt. At first, you must be clear what is the peak watt and running watt of your generator? 

Peak watt is 20% more than the running watt usually. When you start your generator by turning off the economy mode, it will run 5-7 seconds in the peak watt. Then it will run in the running watt. 

What Can A 1000-Watt Generator Run?

List of the Appliances to Run with 1000 watt Generator.

Home Appliances

ApplianceRunning WattAdditional Starting Watt
Light bulbs 12-watt-60-watt 0-watt
LED lights3-watt-15-watt0-watt
Laptop  250-watt-500 watt0-watt
Desktop 600-watt-800-watt0-watt
Mobile Phone Charger10-watt0-watt
Laser Printer900-watt0-watt
Fax Machine 65-watt0-watt
Portable fan 440-watts-120 watt 0-watt
​Small halogen space heater 400-Watt-800-Watt0-watt
Security System 500-Watt0-watt

Kitchen Appliances

ApplianceRunning WattAdditional Starting Watt
4-cup coffee maker 600-watts 0-watt
Dishwasher 500-watt-600-watt0-watt
Blender 400-watts 850-watts
Slow cooker 170-watt-300-watt0-watt
Toaster 850-watts0-watt
Food Processor400-watts0-watt
Microwave Oven 625-watts0-watt


ApplianceRunning WattAdditional Starting Watt
Flat-screen TV (20 and 46 inches) 120-watt-150-watt0-watt
Surround sound system150-Watt0-watt
VCR 100-Watt0-watt
Stereo 450-Watt0-watt
Color TV – 27 inch 500-Watt0-watt
Video Game System 40-Watt0-watt
AM/FM Radio 100-watt0-watt
what tools can run 1000 watt generator


ApplianceRunning WattAdditional Starting Watt
​¼” drill 250-Watt0-watt
1/2” drill 750-Watt0-watt
Electric Drill – 3/8in. 4 Amps 440-watt 600-watt
Electric Drill – 1/2in. 5.4 Amps 600-watt 900-watt
Battery charger for cordless tools 8-watt-15-watt0-watt
Portable nail gun with built-in compressor 450-watt-650-watt0-watt

Basic Home Appliances 

You can not run all types of home appliances with a 1000 watt generator. You can run only the selective tools like a 150 watt to 200 watt TV, 400 watts to 800-watt microvan, 10-watt to 30 watt light, 150 watts to 200-watt box fan, and similar tools that need low watts to run. 

You should not use more than 75% of the running watt of your generator. It is a hazardous practice for your appliances during harmonic distortion. You can not save your sensitive electronics from harmonic distortion by even using the AVR (Automatic voltage regulator). For your safety, you should not run more than 50% of the running watt of your generator.  

So, you could go for the 1000 watt inverter generator rather than the mainframe generator to run your small appliances like a laptop, mobile charging, etc. inverter generators are a fuel-saving and safe option for sensitive electronics. Learn more about the power consumption of home appliances.

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Westinghouse iGen1200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 1000 Rated 1200 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant

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  • Run time: 9 hrs (25% load)
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  • 1000 Rated Watts and 1200 Peak Watts

Power Tools 

You can use some selective power tools with a 1000-watt generator. Most of the power tools need more than 1000 watts to run. So, you have a limitation here. 

You should run only one power tool at a time. Yes, you can run multiple tools at a time, if their summation of watts does not exceed 700 watts. 

You can run a battery charger (7-watt-15-watt), quarter-inch drill(250watt), portable nail gun with built-in compressor (400-watt-650-watt), table saw, air compressor, and all the tools that come with less than 1000 watts. 

What Can You Not Run With a 1000-watt Generator? 

You can not run the Heavy kitchen and home appliances with a 1000 watt generator. Most of the washing machine, Well Pump, furnace, dry cleaner, refrigerator, and freezer comes with more than 1000 watts. So, you can not run them. 

I have already mentioned that you should not use more than 75% running watts of your generator. This means the standard practice is using a maximum of 750 watts a time with a 1000-watt generator. 


Don’t underestimate the power of a 1000 watt generator. Actually, a 1000 watt generator is best for portable use. Like going camping, living in RV, working in a garage or worksite, a 1000 watt generator is incredible. 

If you want to run the sensitive device with a 1000 watt generator, you could go for an inverter generator. This handy tool is worthy indeed. 


Rayan is an engineer, lives in a farmhouse. He has a passion for electronics and alternative energy. He loves to share his thoughts with other people. That is why he started the blog.

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