Who Makes Generac Generators?

Generac is a leading brand known for its advanced generators designed for residential, commercial, and industrial use. With its broad range of products, this company ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages and emergencies.

But who actually makes these reliable Generac generators? Let’s delve into the company’s history, the manufacturing process, and the people behind these essential products.

Who Makes Generac Generators?

Generac generators are crafted by Generac Power Systems, a renowned leader in the backup power industry. With a rich history spanning decades, Generac is synonymous with reliability and innovation. These generators are engineered to deliver seamless power solutions for homes, businesses, and various settings.

As pioneers in residential standby generators, Generac’s commitment to quality and performance makes their generators a top choice for dependable and efficient power generation.

Background of Generac Generators

Founded in 1959 by Robert Kern, Generac started as a small establishment with a dedicated team focused on creating reliable generators. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, carving out a significant place in the power generation market. Among their many achievements, the introduction of the first affordable home standby generator and the first engine developed specifically for the rigors of generator use are notable milestones.

Generac Generator Manufacturer

Generac Generators: An Overview

Generac offers various generators catering to diverse needs and uses cases. Their product lineup includes Home Backup Generators, Portable Generators, Business Standby Generators, Mobile Generators, and PTO Generators.

Each generator has unique features, such as Wi-Fi capabilities for easy monitoring, Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode for less noise, and True Power™ Technology for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances. These generators are known for their durability, reliability, and superior performance.

Manufacturing Process of Generac Generators

The manufacturing process at Generac involves meticulous design, assembly, and quality assurance stages. Their expert engineers conceptualize and design each generator model using advanced software tools. Following the design phase, the assembly line brings the blueprint to life with precision and efficiency. The finished products undergo rigorous testing to meet the company’s high-quality standards and performance expectations before reaching the consumer.

Location and Facilities

Generac is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, but its manufacturing prowess spans multiple facilities across the globe. Each site plays a critical role in producing specific components or assembling different types of generators. These major locations include Whitewater and Jefferson in Wisconsin and facilities in Mexico and China.


Behind every Generac generator is a team of skilled and dedicated workers. Every role is crucial in the manufacturing process, from engineers, assembly workers, and quality control specialists to logistics and customer service staff. The company prides itself on a continuous learning and improvement culture, ensuring employees receive the necessary training and development to maintain its high standards.

Research and Development (R&D)

R&D plays an integral role in Generac’s growth and success. This commitment to innovation has led to the development of new technologies and improvements in existing products. The company’s R&D team continuously works on expanding the product line and enhancing efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Sustainability Efforts

Recognizing the environmental impact of generator production, Generac has been proactive in adopting sustainable manufacturing practices. They have initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and waste, focusing on renewable energy sources, energy-efficient operations, and responsible waste management.


Generac has marked its position as a leading manufacturer in the generator industry thanks to its high-quality products, innovative technologies, and sustainable practices. As the company grows, customers worldwide can rely on Generac generators for their power needs, knowing that a dedicated team and sophisticated manufacturing processes stand behind each product.

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