5 Best 5000 Watt Generators in 2023

If you’ve ever found yourself without power during a storm or a camping trip or need a reliable power source for a project, you understand the value of a sound generator.

A 5000-watt generator, in particular, strikes a delicate balance between power output and portability. In this article, we will help you navigate the market for the best 5000-watt generators and guide your decision-making process.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 5000-Watt Generator

  1. Power Needs and Capacity: Understand your power needs. Ensure the generator can handle the combined wattage of all devices you plan to run.
  2. Fuel Type and Efficiency: Generators can run on gasoline, diesel, or propane. Each has pros and cons, including cost, availability, and environmental impact.
  3. Noise Level: A quieter generator can be a significant advantage, particularly for camping or residential use.
  4. Portability: If you intend to move the generator around, look for models with wheels or handles.
  5. Reliability and Warranty: A generator is an investment. Ensure the manufacturer offers a good warranty and has a reputation for reliability.
  6. Price: High-end models offer extra features, but a mid-range generator may also serve your needs.

Top 5 Best 5000-Watt Generators in 2023

Honda 663640 EM5000SX

The Honda EM5000SX is powered by a 389cc Honda iGX390 engine, offering a maximum AC output of 5000 watts. It comes with the Co-Minder feature, an advanced carbon monoxide detection system, making this generator powerful and safer. Its fuel efficiency, relatively quiet operation, and compact design make it an attractive choice for various power needs.


1. Powerful Performance: The generator delivers a solid 5000-watt output to power several appliances simultaneously. This makes it ideal for home backup power, job sites, or camping trips.

2. Fuel Efficiency and Long Run Time: Its 6.2-gallon fuel tank can give up to 11.2 hours of run time at 50% load. The Eco Throttle System increases fuel efficiency by allowing the engine to adjust its speed to produce only the power needed.

3. Safety Features: The Co-Minder feature is a notable safety measure, continuously monitoring CO levels and automatically shutting down the generator if it detects harmful levels.

4. Reliability: Honda is renowned for their reliability, and the EM5000SX is no exception. The Oil Alert system protects the engine by shutting it down when oil levels are too low.

5. Noise Level: The EM5000SX operates at a noise level of 72 dB, which is relatively quiet for a generator of its size and power.


1. Weight: Weighing 234 lbs, this generator is heavier, which could limit its portability for some users.

2. Price: The EM5000SX is priced higher than some comparable generators in its class. However, this cost may be justified given the generator’s robust performance, durability, and advanced features.

Our Thoughts

The Honda 663640 EM5000SX 5000-Watt Generator is a robust and reliable power solution. Its impressive performance, safety features, and fuel efficiency make it a great choice, particularly for those who value reliability and safety. While its weight and price point may be a drawback for some, the durability and performance of this generator justify its cost.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 4650

The Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator provides 4650 peak watts, powered by either gasoline or propane. It features a remote electric start with auto choke for hassle-free startups and includes an RV-ready 30A outlet. This CARB-compliant generator is designed with user convenience and environmental friendliness in mind.


1. Dual Fuel Flexibility: The ability to use either gasoline or propane provides flexibility, allowing users to choose based on fuel availability or preference.

2. Remote Electric Start with Auto Choke: This feature adds convenience and ease of use, reducing the hassle typically associated with starting up generators.

3. RV-Ready 30A Outlet: Ideal for camping enthusiasts or RV owners, the RV-ready outlet allows for easy, direct connection to recreational vehicles.

4. CARB Compliant: The generator meets stringent emission regulations, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

5. Peak Power of 4650 Watts: This is enough to power essential appliances during an outage, power tools on a work site, or devices on a camping trip.


1. Weight: The generator may be heavy, potentially impacting portability. Specific weight details need to be provided for a more accurate assessment.

2. Noise Level: As with any generator, noise could be a concern. Specific noise level details need to be provided for a more accurate assessment.

Our thoughts

The Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a well-rounded, efficient, and flexible power solution. Its dual-fuel capabilities, remote electric start with auto choke, and RV-ready outlet make it a convenient choice for various power needs.

While weight and noise may be potential drawbacks, these can often be overlooked, given the generator’s impressive features and performance. It is a solid investment for those who need reliable power on demand.

A-iPower AP5000V 5000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

With its 5000-watt power output, this portable generator is designed to serve many power needs. Whether for home backup during power outages, use on a job site, or outdoor recreational activities, the A-iPower AP5000V promises dependable performance. Its vibrant orange color makes it easily identifiable, even in low-light situations.


1. Power Output: With a 5000-watt power output, the AP5000V can comfortably power multiple appliances or tools simultaneously. It’s ideal for a variety of uses, from home backup to work site power supply.

2. Gas Powered: Gasoline is widely available, making this generator a convenient choice for users in most locations.

3. Portable Design: The AP5000V is designed with portability in mind. Although the exact weight isn’t specified, transporting portable models is generally easier.

4. Cost-effective: The A-iPower model is usually more affordable than some of its rivals, offering a powerful solution for those on a budget.


1. Limited Fuel Options: Unlike dual-fuel generators, the AP5000V runs only on gasoline. This could be a drawback during fuel shortages or for those preferring the cleaner propane burn.

2. Noise Level: Like most generators, the AP5000V does generate noise during operation. While the specific noise level is not provided, it’s important to note this potential issue.

3. Color: While the vibrant orange color can be a pro for some, it might differ from everyone’s liking and may stand out in specific environments.

Our Thoughts

The A-iPower AP5000V is a robust, reliable, and budget-friendly option for those seeking a 5000-watt generator. Its portability, power output, and cost-effectiveness are its strong points.

While it lacks the fuel flexibility of dual-fuel models and may have potential noise concerns, these drawbacks are standard for generators in this class. This model is commendable for anyone needing a potent, portable, and economical power solution.

Champion Power Equipment 100231 6900/5500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

The Champion Power Equipment 100231 model offers dual fuel capabilities and includes a wheel kit for improved mobility. With a peak power of 6900 watts on gasoline and 5500 watts on propane, it is designed to efficiently handle a range of energy needs.


1. Dual Fuel Capability: The ability to switch between gasoline and propane adds an extra layer of flexibility and convenience. Use whichever fuel is most accessible or preferable to you.

2. High Power Output: The generator provides an impressive 6900 peak watts when running on gasoline and 5500 watts on propane, making it more than capable of powering several appliances or tools simultaneously.

3. Included Wheel Kit: The included wheel kit enhances the generator’s portability, making it easier to move the unit around when needed.

4. Reliable Brand: Champion Power Equipment is a trusted brand known for producing reliable and durable generators.


1. Weight: Although the specific weight isn’t mentioned, generators with similar power output tend to be quite heavy, which might pose a challenge regarding transportation and storage.

2. Noise Level: Like many high-power generators, noise could be a concern during operation. The specific decibel level needs to be provided, but potential buyers should bear this in mind.

Our Thoughts

The Champion Power Equipment 100231 6900/5500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a fantastic power solution that balances high power output with the flexibility of dual fuel operation. Including a wheel kit makes it a user-friendly choice for various settings.

While weight and noise level may be potential downsides, these are common issues with generators in this power range. If you’re looking for a versatile, powerful, and reliable generator, the Champion Power Equipment 100231 model is a top contender.

Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

The Pulsar PG5250B offers a 5,250-watt output and the flexibility to run on either gasoline or propane. Its standout feature, the Switch, and Go Technology, allows users to switch between fuel sources while the generator is still running, providing an uninterrupted power supply.


1. Dual Fuel Capability: This generator can run on gasoline or propane, allowing users to choose their preferred or most available fuel type.

2. Switch and Go Technology: This allows users to switch between gasoline and propane while the generator runs, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted power supply.

3. Power Output: Offering a maximum output of 5,250 watts, this generator can power several appliances or tools simultaneously.

4. Portability: While the specific weight isn’t stated, the inclusion of a handle and wheels in the design indicates the manufacturer’s focus on portability.


1. Noise Level: Generators can be noisy, and the Pulsar PG5250B is no exception. While the specific noise level isn’t provided, it’s a factor to consider.

2. Unknown Fuel Efficiency: With specified fuel efficiency data, assessing how long this generator can run on a full fuel tank is challenging.

Our Thoughts

The Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator offers a great blend of power, flexibility, and convenience. It’s dual-fuel capability and Switch and Go Technology make it a standout option in the market.

Despite potential downsides related to noise and unknown fuel efficiency, this generator’s convenience and power output make it a compelling choice for those needing a reliable power source.

GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator Review

The GENMAX GM5500i offers a 5500W power output and is designed with an ultra-quiet gas engine, promising a noise-free operation compared to traditional generators. It has an Eco-Mode feature for better fuel efficiency and is EPA-compliant, adding to its eco-friendly appeal. Its ultra-lightweight design makes it ideal for camping or other outdoor activities.


1. Power Output: With a maximum output of 5500 watts, this generator can conveniently power several appliances or tools simultaneously, making it suitable for various uses.

2. Ultra-Quiet Operation: The ultra-quiet gas engine is a significant feature of this generator, promising quieter operation than conventional generators, which is a definite plus for home and camping use.

3. Eco-Mode Feature: This feature allows the generator to adjust its fuel consumption based on the required power output, improving fuel efficiency and reducing operational costs.

4. EPA Compliant: Compliance with EPA standards means this generator has a lower environmental impact, which is attractive for environmentally conscious consumers.

5. Ultra Lightweight: The lightweight design of this generator enhances its portability, making it perfect for outdoor use or easy transportation during emergencies.


1. Gas-Only Fuel Option: Unlike dual-fuel generators, the GM5500i runs only on gasoline, which might limit its convenience during fuel shortages or for those who prefer cleaner burning propane.

2. Unknown Brand: GENMAX may not be as well-known or established as other generator brands, which might raise concerns about product reliability or customer service.

Our Thoughts

The GENMAX GM5500i Portable Inverter Generator is a blend of power, quiet operation, and eco-friendliness packed into a lightweight design. Its impressive features make it an excellent choice for various power needs.

Although it lacks the flexibility of a dual-fuel generator and comes from a relatively unknown brand, its performance and features make it a viable contender in the market. If you’re looking for a quiet, efficient, and portable power solution, this GENMAX generator is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5000 Watt Generators

What can a 5000-watt generator power?

A 5000-watt generator is a versatile power source that can handle a range of electrical devices and appliances. It can power essential home appliances like refrigerators, sump pumps, and air conditioning units during power outages. In a camping or outdoor setting, it can run multiple lights, charge devices, and operate small to medium-sized appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, and power tools.

However, it may not be sufficient for high-demand items like central air conditioning units or electric water heaters. To maximize its utility, it’s important to calculate your specific power requirements and prioritize essential devices when using a 5000-watt generator.

How much fuel does a 5000-watt generator use?

Fuel consumption varies by model and load, but a 5000-watt generator uses about 18-20 gallons of gasoline per day running at full load.

Can a 5000-watt generator power a house?

Yes, a 5000-watt generator can power a house, but not all appliances simultaneously. It’s enough for essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, and small machines.

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The value of a reliable 5000-watt generator cannot be overstated. Whether for home backup power, work, or outdoor recreational use, these generators can provide the power you need where you need it. While the final decision will depend on your specific needs and budget, this guide provides the necessary information to make an informed choice.


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