Westinghouse igen1200 Review (Is it Worthy?)

Portable generators are a great solution for temporary power outages. Westinghouse has become a giant in the portable generator category for the last 130 years. They produce small to large portable generators, power stations, and so on. Among all the Westinghouse generators igen1200 is one of the most popular generators. 

Westinghouse igen1200 is a portable but powerful generator to back up your small home appliances during a power outage. Also, this one is a good companion for the campers to connect with the world. 

In this article, you will get an honest review of the igen1200. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Expert Valuation
Westinghouse igen1200 Review

Features of Westinghouse igen1200 

Starting Watt1200 watts
Running Watt1000 watts
Dimensions18 x 5 x 15.5-inches
Weight33 lbs.
Noise Level52 dBA
Horse Power1.8 HP
Tank capacity0.8 gallon
Continuous Run time9-hours
Power SourceGasoline 
Engine 4 stroke 54cc
Parallel Compatible?Yes
Economy mode?Yes
GFCI Outlets?No
Dual Fuel?No
LED Data Center?No

Westinghouse iGen1200

Small But Powerful
Westinghouse iGen1200
9.7/10 Our Score
  • 3-years limited service warranty 
  • Safe for sensitive electronics like the Laptop, mobile, and tab
  • Portable and Very lightweight 
  • Produce very low noise (52 dBA) like as the normal conversation  
  • CARB, EPA, and USFS compatible 
  • Need some extra kick to start in the winter 
  • A bit expensive 

Westinghouse igen1200 Review

Well, let’s come to the detailed review of the Westinghouse igen1200. 


You will get 1200 peak watts and 1000 running watts from this igen1200. That means you can run your household appliances during a sudden power outage. 

Actually, this igen1200 inverter generator is developed mainly for outdoor recreational purposes. This one is best for the camping, hunting, or fishing tour. 

With this moderate power, you can run the small home appliances along with the sensitive appliances safely. This inverter generator is safe for all-electric appliances. 

You can double the power if you need it. Because this igen1200 supports the parallel features. So, you just need to connect another generator with your existing igen1200. 

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Noise is the main concern for the refreshment tour. This Westinghouse igen1200 inverter generator produces only 52 dBA while in the operation. That is incredible.

Our normal conversation produces around 60 dBA. So, you can easily compare the quietness of this generator. 

Besides using it at the home, you can use this igen1200 even in your tent. There is no chance of feeling bored with this igen1200. 

Fuel Tank 

Although this Westinghouse igen1200 is a compact and lightweight inverter generator, it has a .8-gallon gasoline tank. You can run this generator for up to 9 hours continuously. That is awesome indeed. You can run this generator during the outdoor game and enjoy the game without any hassle. 

Compact, portable and lightweight 

The weight of this generator is only 33 pounds. So, you can carry this igen1200 with your hand without any hassle. It is needless to discuss the portability and size. You have already understood how compact the product is!

Inverter generator 

This Westinghouse igen1200 manages less than 3% harmonic distortion while in the operation. So, this is completely safe for sensitive electronics. 

Since it is an inverter generator, you will get the maximum fuel efficiency here. So based on the noise and oil efficiency this Westinghouse igen1200 is one of the top-notch inverter generators in the market. 

Westinghouse igen1200 for light

Small but powerful Engine 

This Westinghouse igen1200 inverter generator comes with a 4 stroke 54cc engine. Its 1.8 horsepower OHV engine keeps your electronics appliance charge up in any weather condition. 

Economy Mode

This inverter generator comes with economy mode features. The economy mode will save your generator oil. That is why Westinghouse igen1200 is oil efficient generator. 

Parallel Connectivity 

You can double the power of your igen1200 generator at any time by connecting another generator. Most importantly, Westinghouse gives you maximum flexibility. 

You can connect your igen1200 with the following models of the Westinghouse portable generator. 

  • WH2200iXLT
  • iGen1200
  • iGen2200
  • iGen2500


In this Westinghouse igen1200, you will get the following outlets. 

  • Two 120V Outlets 
  • Two USB ports 

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What will you get with the package? 

  • Generator 
  • Warranty card 
Small But Powerful
Westinghouse iGen1200

Westinghouse iGen1200

  • 3-years warranty
  • Inverter generator 

Final Verdicts 

If you need a small portable generator you could try this Westinghouse igen1200. Although the price is a bit high, it is worth of money. With 3 years of warranty, you can run this generator without any hassle. 

Most people use this generator perfectly. Also, some people found an issue with the start and Economic mode. Westinghouse offers quality after service. You can even refund the product if you find anything unusual. Overall, it is a worthy investment, indeed. 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share. 

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