Westinghouse igen1200 Review (Is it Worthy?)

Whether you need a reliable source of power for camping trips or emergency backup during outages, portable generators have become essential tools in today’s world.

Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Westinghouse iGen1200 portable inverter generator, a compact and efficient option for those in need of portable power.

Comparisons with Competitors

FeatureWestinghouse iGen1200Honda EU2200iWEN 56200iGenerac GP2200i
Starting/Running Watts1200/10002200/18002000/16002200/1700
Inverter TechnologyYesYesYesYes
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)0.80.951.01.2
Runtime (at 50% load)9 hours8.1 hours6 hours10.75 hours
Noise Level (dBA)5248-575152-56
Weight (lbs)3346.54846
Dimensions (LxWxH inches)18 x 8.5 x 15.520 x 11.4 x 16.718 x 11 x 1819 x 11 x 17
Parallel CapableYesYesYesYes
Outlets2x 120V AC, 1x 12V DC2x 120V AC, 1x 12V DC2x 120V AC, 1x 12V DC, 2x 5V USB2x 120V AC, 1x 12V DC, 1x 5V USB

Features of Westinghouse igen1200 

Starting Watt1200 watts
Running Watt1000 watts
Dimensions18 x 5 x 15.5-inches
Weight33 lbs.
Noise Level52 dBA
Horse Power1.8 HP
Tank capacity0.8 gallon
Continuous Run time9-hours
Power SourceGasoline 
Engine 4 stroke 54cc
Parallel Compatible?Yes
Economy mode?Yes
GFCI Outlets?No
Dual Fuel?No
LED Data Center?No
Westinghouse igen1200 Review

Westinghouse igen1200 Review

Power output and capacity: The Westinghouse iGen1200 is equipped with a 1200-watt starting capacity and a 1000-watt running capacity, making it suitable for powering small appliances and electronics.

Inverter technology: Featuring advanced inverter technology, the iGen1200 delivers clean, stable power that is safe for sensitive electronics like smartphones and laptops.

Fuel efficiency and runtime: With a 0.8-gallon fuel tank, the iGen1200 boasts a runtime of up to 9 hours at 50% load, thanks to its fuel-efficient engine.

Noise levels: Operating at a quiet 52 dBA, this generator is ideal for noise-sensitive environments like campsites and residential areas.

Size, weight, and portability: Weighing just 33 pounds and featuring a built-in carry handle, the iGen1200 is compact and easily portable.

Safety features: The iGen1200 includes built-in overload protection, low-oil shutdown, and a spark arrestor for added safety.

Parallel capability: For users who need more power, the iGen1200 can be connected to another compatible Westinghouse generator using a parallel cord (sold separately).

Design and Build Quality

Material and construction: Constructed with a durable plastic casing and a steel frame, the iGen1200 is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

User interface and controls: The intuitive control panel features a power switch, a choke lever, and clearly labeled outlets, making it easy to operate even for first-time users.

Maintenance and durability: Routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and air filter replacements are straightforward, thanks to the easily accessible components.

Performance and Usability

Camping and outdoor activities: The iGen1200 proved to be a reliable companion during camping trips, providing ample power for small appliances, lights, and charging devices.

Emergency backup power: In the event of a power outage, the iGen1200 successfully powered essential devices like a refrigerator, fans, and lights, keeping the household running smoothly.

Off-grid power supply: For those living off-grid, the iGen1200 is an excellent option for powering small appliances and tools, making it a practical addition to any off-grid setup.

Ease of use and setup: The iGen1200 is easy to set up and start, with clear instructions and user-friendly controls.

Power quality and consistency: Throughout our tests, the iGen1200 maintained a consistent power output, with no fluctuations or surges, ensuring the safety of connected devices.

Westinghouse igen1200 for light

Advantages of Westinghouse iGen1200:

  1. Compact and lightweight: With its small footprint and 33-pound weight, the iGen1200 is easy to transport and store.
  2. Quiet operation: At 52 dBA, this generator is suitable for noise-sensitive environments like campsites and residential areas.
  3. Fuel-efficient: The iGen1200 can run up to 9 hours at 50% load with its 0.8-gallon fuel tank, making it an economical choice for extended use.
  4. Inverter technology: The clean, stable power output ensures the safe operation of sensitive electronics like smartphones and laptops.
  5. Easy to use: The user-friendly control panel and straightforward setup make the iGen1200 accessible to first-time users.
  6. Parallel capability: For users who require more power, the iGen1200 can be connected to another compatible Westinghouse generator.

Disadvantages of Westinghouse iGen1200:

  1. Limited power capacity: With a 1200-watt starting capacity and a 1000-watt running capacity, the iGen1200 may not be suitable for powering larger appliances or multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Smaller fuel tank: The 0.8-gallon fuel tank is smaller than some competitors, which may require more frequent refueling during extended use.
  3. No USB outlets: The iGen1200 lacks built-in USB outlets for direct charging smartphones and other USB devices.
  4. Comparatively lower runtime: When compared to some competitors like the Generac GP2200i, the iGen1200 has a slightly lower runtime at 50% load.

Warranty information:

The Westinghouse iGen1200 comes with a 3-year limited warranty for residential use and a 1-year limited warranty for commercial use. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service conditions.

Available accessories:

Some of the available accessories for the iGen1200 include:

  1. Parallel cord: Allows you to connect two compatible Westinghouse inverter generators for increased power output.
  2. Storage cover: Protects the generator from dust and debris when not in use.
  3. RV adapter: Allows you to connect the generator to an RV power system.
  4. Extension cords and power strips: For increased flexibility in connecting your devices.

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Final Verdicts 

Overall, the Westinghouse iGen1200 is a versatile and dependable portable generator that delivers good value for its price. Its compact design, quiet operation, and fuel efficiency make it a practical choice for various applications. If your power needs are modest and you prioritize portability and ease of use, the Westinghouse iGen1200 is a generator worth considering.


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