Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro Review (Updated Version)

Another good news from Jackery! They have launched their brand new Jackery solar generator 1000 pro at IFA 2022. You know IFA is one of the most appealing trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances.

This is now only for pre-order Items. If you order this generator today you will undoubtedly get a bag completely free! Additionally, you have a chance to get A FREE JACKERY EXPLORER 240/300! That’s amazing indeed!

This Jackery 1000 pro is the updated version of the Jackery 1000. So, let’s have a look at the difference between these two.

Difference between Jackery 1000 and Jackery 1000 pro

Jackery 1000 ProJackery 1000
1.8 hours with a wall charging 6.5 hours with 2x solar saga 100
1.8 hours with solar charging 11 hours with 1x solar saga 100
1000W running wattage, 2000W surge wattage1000W running wattage, 2000W surge wattage
Two 100W PD ports3 PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets,
Two USB-C2 USB-C and 1Quick Charge 3.0 port
One 800 AC input port, Two 1000W AC output ports, One USB A and DC car port1USB-A port and 1USB-C port
46 dB Noise levelLower Noise level
LED light with 3 brightness modesLED Display
3 years warranty3 years warranty
jackery 1000 pro

What features will you get at Jackery solar generator 1000 pro?

The super fast charging system

You can change this magic box full set only at 1.8 hours. Yes, the Wall charging needs 1.8 hours, and the Solar charging in 1.8 hours. That means you will be a winner everywhere both on the inside and outside.

100% safe and upgraded technology

This JAckery solar generator 1000 pro offers an Automotive-level BMS system. Additionally, they offer World’s first Consumer Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Certified by TÜV SÜD. It provides a pure sine wave and steady power system to prevent damage to your products.

Ready to go power system

This 1000 pro from Jackery is very convenient for long trips and camping. It is super lightweight and the design is mindblowing.

So, don’t forget the check this latest item if you are seeking a small but powerful machine to power up your sensitive electronics during camping or long ride.


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