Honda Generator Propane Conversion Reviews

You own the Honda generator and are now worried about how to convert it to run on propane. If so, you have come to the right place. We have covered the ins and outs of propane conversion of a Honda generator. Let’s get started. 

Considerations before buying a propane conversion kit for a Honda generator 

Drilling or Hole 

The propane conversion kits modify the carburetor of the generator. Honda EU2200i’s carburetor is located inside the generator. Therefore, you must drill a hole to access it. 

Fuel Option 

In most cases, propane generator conversion kits support tri-fuel conversion, including propane, gasoline, and natural gas. If you plan on using your honda eu2200i for camping or a road trip, you do not have access to natural gas. 

Therefore, propane is the best choice for RVs, tailgating, job sites, or camping. 

The only option you should consider if you want to use your Honda generator at home is natural gas. I prefer the tri-fuel conversion generator kits for home use. 

Installation Kits 

Don’t forget to consider the installation kits included in the package. All top-rated brands offer installation kits with their propane conversion kits. It is vital to get the installation kits with the main propane conversion kit. 

Installation Process 

It’s a do-it-yourself project. You can install the propane conversion kit in your Honda in an hour if you have experience doing DIY projects. Some kits are too simple to install, such as the Hutch Mountain kit. 

Best propane conversion kit for Honda EU2200i 

The Honda EU2200i is the most popular model because of its compact size and performance. There are several propane conversion kits available on the market. However, all of them are not worthy.  

Hutch Mountain Trifuel Generator Conversion Kit 

I recommend the Hutch Mountain tri-fuel generator conversion kits for Honda Eu2200i if you are looking for an easy installation process and top-notch performance. 

You can run your Honda EU2200i from any location, whether it be on the mountain or in the plains, with this Honda generator conversion kit. 

hutch mountain propane conversion for honda generator review


  • The installation process is extremely simple. If you have previous DIY experience, it will take you less than 30 minutes to install. 
  • Fast and high-quality support. Customer service is excellent. 
  • The package includes everything you need to install the propane conversion kits 
  • A few simple tools are needed, such as an 8mm socket, a torque-limited wrench, and a step drill bit. 
  • For storm season, you do not need to store gasoline. Plus, you will be able to avoid clogging. 


  • Hutch Mountain’s only con is its price. Although it is a bit pricey, it is a worthwhile investment. 

Grenergy tri Fuel Conversion Kit for EU2200i 

The Grenergy tri-fuel propane conversion kit is another great option for your Honda EU2200i. It doesn’t require any modification to the carburetor. Just bolt it on and go. 

It is no easy task to store gasoline and runs generators on gasoline for irregular users. In order to run your Honda generator on propane, you can consider a propane conversion kit. 


  • Everything you need is included in this package 
  • It is very easy to install. 
  • Fuel adapter made of aircraft-grade aluminum 
  • A perfect choice for your home, your RV, and your outdoor space 
  • Gasoline, propane, and natural gas options are available 
  • There has been no modification to the carburetor 
  • There is no gasoline smell
  • Providing quick support 


  • The price is a bit high 

Does the propane conversion kit void Honda’s warranty?

It’s a difficult choice. Honda’s terms and conditions state that the use of the propane conversion kit voids the warranty. Why? Because you have to alter the generator’s appearance. 

Nevertheless, Hutch Mountain ensures that they won’t be faced with a similar situation for 8 years. Honda engineers understand the reason for using the vehicle. After using the generator for at least a year, you should use the Propane generator kit. If it goes well, there is a slight chance you will run into a problem with your generator. 

Genconnex vs Hutch Mountain? 

No matter what conversion kit you choose for your Honda EU2200i, you will need to make a hole in the plastic body. There is no alternative. Three fuel options are available on Hutch Mountain. Your generator can be powered by Propane, Natural Gas, or Gasoline. 

Genconnex offers only natural gas and propane conversion. Despite Genconnex’s claim that they have no drill or hole experience to install the propane conversion kit on the Honda EU2200i, this is not possible at all. The Honda EU2200i has a flat surface. 

I prefer Hutch Mountain in the case of the installation process. You can easily install this item. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for an easy installation, I recommend the Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit for Honda generators. Although the price is high, it’s worth every penny. 


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