Craftsman Generator Review (Is It Good?)

Craftsman is a trusted brand. Their tools are reliable. People have mixed experiences with their generators. Let’s explore the positives and negatives of each model of the craftsman generator today. Let’s get started. 

Craftsman Inverter Generator Review

Craftsman 2200i 50St/CSA Inverter Generators
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Clean Energy for sensitive electronics 
  • Super easy to handle 
  • The setup process is very easy 
  • Super quiet at full load 
  • Perfect for running projectors, freezer, tv, laptops, and a few LED lights and 15k BTU rooftop a/c


  • Especially when you have a backpack on, it’s not easy to run with 46 lbs. 
  • Parallel Kits are sold separately 
  • When it is very cold, it requires five to six pulls. When it is summer, it only requires one kick 


Craftsman 2200i is the smallest inverter generator. The generator is very compact in size. This 2200-watt inverter generator weighs only 47 pounds. It has a handle, so you can easily carry it. Despite the fact that this one weighs 46 lbs, it is portable and a good choice for camping, tailgating, and outdoor activities. 

Fuel Efficiency with Eco-mode 

Eco features are included with this Craftsman 2200i. It will use less gas and produce less noise. 

Manual start 

Craftsman 2200i comes with a manual start. Remote start is not available. 

Pure sine-wave and clean energy 

As an inverter generator, it produces clean energy. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive electronics. 

USB Charging features 

The device has a built-in USB charging port. Therefore, you can charge your laptop, mobile, or other devices directly. 

Parallel Ready 

It is a parallel-ready inverter generator. By adding another Craftsman 2200-watt inverter generator, you can double the power at any time. The parallel kit is sold separately. If you need it, you will need to purchase it separately. 


  • The weight of this small inverter generator is 47 lbs 
  • 2200 starting watt and 1700 running watt 
  • Pull start 
  • 7 hours continuous running time at 50% load 

Craftsman 2500W Inverter 

The Craftsman 2500 is a fully enclosed, compact inverter generator. It weighs 55 pounds and has a handle built-in. Since it doesn’t have wheels, it is a bit difficult to move when packed with luggage. 

This large inverter generator can run sensitive electronics in your home and on the job site just like the 2200 watt. 

It is a parallel-ready inverter generator. You can double the power at any time. 

USB ports are included. This allows you to charge your electronics directly. 


  • The weight of this inverter generator is 55 lbs 
  • Parallel compatible inverter generator 
  • Built-in handle for easy movement 
  • Easy pull start 
  • Fully enclosed cage. So you will get a smooth running experience 


  • Perfect for running sensitive electronics like computers, mobile phones, and home electronics 
  • Pure sine wave technology and steady power 
  • Built-in handle 
  • This package includes 1-quart engine oil, 1 parallel cable, 
  • 3-year limited warranty 


  • 55 lbs of a generator are not too easy to carry 
Craftsman 3000i 50 St/CSA Inverter Generators
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Smaller device more power 
  • Quiet and portable inverter generator 
  • Easy pull start 
  • Parallel connectivity to double the power anytime 
  • 4.5 hours continuous run time at 50% load 



  • A bit heavy for movement 
  • Some of the users claim that this inverter generator did not start at the first pull in the cold weather 


This Craftsman 3000i could be a good option if you are looking for extra power in a smaller device. One of Craftsman’s most popular and reliable inverter generator models. 

This generator will give you 50% more starting power with minimal noise. It is ideal for home electronics, tailgating, and camping. 


  • 3000 starting watt and 2300 running watt 
  • 50% more starting capacity 
  • Built-in handle for easy mobility 
  • It comes with ECO mode technology 
  • Pure sine wave technology to power the sensitive electronics 
  • Parallel capability 
  • USB port for direct charging 

Final thoughts 

For moderate power, you could consider the Craftsman 2200i inverter generator, and for higher power, you could consider the Craftsman 3000i inverter generator. 


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