Can Generator Damage Refrigerator? (Know The Facts)

Are you living in an off-grid farmhouse? Or living in an area where a power outage is very common? Well, in these cases a generator could be the right solution indeed. 

It is impossible to live with the power supply these days. Because every appliance depends on electricity. 

Though the use of the generator is very common, people have some misconceptions about the generator machine. Among them, can a generator damage a refrigerator? 

If the generator voltage is lower than the starting power of your refrigerator, both of your appliances could be damaged. Low voltage from your generator will kill your refrigerator. You should ensure at least the equal starting voltage of the refrigerator to avoid damage.   

Let’s discuss in-depth to understand the reason and solution. 

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Understanding the Common Mechanism of Electric Appliances

Every electric appliance has a common mechanism. Whether you use a small one or the large one, they have started and run watt. 

Starting watt

Starting watt means the neat power to start a device. Usually, for induction, electrical motors like a refrigerator, Air conditioners, etc. appliances need more starting watts than the running watt. 

Running watt 

Running watt means the neat wattage to run the device. Usually, the running watt is lower than the starting watt. 

The General Wattage of Refrigerator  

The main purpose of using a refrigerator is to keep the food fresh for a prolonged period. But when you are in a disaster or power outage, you need to fix the solution. That is why you need a generator. 

Now there are different types of refrigerators available in the market. you will find hundreds of brands. That is why the power supply is different. 

You will find the starting and running wattage of your refrigerator in the manual book of the refrigerator. Even you could find it on the body of your refrigerator. 

If you are looking for a generator to run your refrigerator, you must know the voltage of your refrigerator first. Then go for the buying decision. 

On the other hand, if you have an existing generator, first check the power-producing capacity of your generator. Then check the starting power of your refrigerator. 

A portable generator is enough to run a refrigerator these days. Portable generators are powerful enough not only to support a refrigerator but also other small appliances in your home. 

Usually, the starting of the refrigerator’s starting power is more than 2000 watts. So, you need at least a 2000-watt generator indeed. Also, you could buy a large portable generator to run your refrigerator along with other home appliances like the Air conditioner, washing machine, kitchen appliances, and others.

can generator damage refrigerator

So, Can a Generator Damage Refrigerator? 

Since the refrigerator is not a sensitive device like tablets, phones, or laptops, you could use any type of generator to run your refrigerator. It is not mandatory to go for an inverter generator. 

You just need to ensure the wattage calculation is safe for your refrigerator. Then everything will be ok. 

If you do not run your refrigerator at the standard wattage, even the refrigerator could be bodily damaged. 

General Care of Your Generator to keep the Refrigerator Safe

Use heavy-duty cord 

Since the generator produces noise, most of us keep them away from home. Yes, you can keep them away enough to get rid of noise but consider your neighbor also. Additionally, running a generator inside the house is suicide!

Anyway, don’t keep away your generator more than 100 ft from your house. and to get the proper power supply safely use at least 10 gauge heavy-duty cords. 

Place the generator in a well-ventilated area 

You should place the generator in a well-ventilated area. You know, the generator produces carbon monoxide gas that is extremely harmful to animals. 

Another point that should consider is that don’t place your generator by the side of the wall. 

Keep the generator on a dry and plain land 

Don’t keep your generator on the wet grass field. It produces electricity. So you should be careful about electricity. 

Refuel Engine 

Don’t refuel your generator while it is running. During the running time, the oil is hot. If you need to refuel your generator, first switch off your generator then refuel it. 


Use a Transfer switch 

Many people are interested in back feeding. Actually, it is illegal and lethal also. Never do that. 

If you are an owner of a generator, you could attach a transfer switch inside of your house. you could hire a licensed electrician. Yes, it may cost you. but it is safe for you and your neighbors. 

A portable generator could be dangerous if you don’t use a transfer switch to use the heavy appliance with induction electrical motors. 

Bottom line 

Last but not least, a generator will not damage your refrigerator or other household appliances. You just make sure that you are using them in the right way. 

Don’t feel hesitant to get a generator for a disaster or blackout. When the hurricane comes, you will not find a generator in the local store. It would be better to prepare for the electricity outage. 

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