Black Friday Deals on Honda Generators 2022

This Black Friday, are you looking for the best deal on a Honda generator? We will look at the best deals available for the portable Honda generator here in this article. You will get the maximum discount on the Honda generator here.

As part of the lucrative deal, I have outlined the pros and cons of every portable Honda generator.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Model Running/Peak Watts Engine Size Run Time (Up to)
Honda EU1000i900/1000 wattsGXH50, 49.4cc8.3 hours
 Honda EU2200i1800/2200 wattsGXR120, 121cc10 hours
Honda EG5000 2600/3000 watts GX200, 196cc 7 hours
Honda EG2800i 2500/2800 watts GC190LA, 186cc 12 hours
Honda EU7000iS 5500/7000 watts iGX390 EFI, 389cc 18 hours
Honda EB5000 4500/7000 watts iGX390, 389cc 8.2 hours
Honda EU3000IS1A 2800/3000 watts GX200, 196cc 7.7 hours

Why Are Honda Generators Best?

There are a lot of generator models on the market, but most of them are not worth it. 

Honda generators are the most expensive of all generator brands. We all want to buy a portable Honda generator for our homes, RVs, tailgating camping, etc. But we cannot afford it. Sometimes you can buy two or three generators for the price of a Honda generator with the same features.

The question is, why is Honda so expensive?

Honda guarantees quality products, as well as after-sales service, so you can use a Honda generator from one generation to the next. Yes, they are so reliable

This is the best opportunity to get the Honda generator on Black Friday 2021.  

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Notable Features of the Honda generator

Noise level is low

Honda is known for its low-noise operation. Honda has inverter generators that produce 48 dB to 57 dB of noise, which is really incredible

Fuel efficiently

Another awesome feature of the Honda generator is its fuel efficiency. Honda usually comes with a small fuel tank. In the EU2200I, the tank is .95 gallons. The generator can run for between 4 and 9.6 hours with a full tank. So, fuel efficiency is another key here. 


The majority of portable Honda generators are easy to handle.

Inverter models are extremely light. For example, the EU2200I weighs only 46.5 pounds. As a result, you can carry the generator with one hand. Despite being lightweight, it comes with 2200 watts of power. 

Quality, safety, and longevity

Honda never compromises on the quality of its products. No matter what model of Honda generator you have, you can run it safely.

Best Honda generator to Buy this Black Friday 2021.

Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator
9.8/10 Our Score
  • 1,000 surge watts, 900 rated watts
  • Clean Energy with stable power
    Inverter Technology
  • Small But Powerful 49cc 1.8HP GXH50 engine with Recoil Start
  • 53 dB Noise Level
  • 8.3 hrs. run time at 25% load; 3.5 hrs. at rated load
  • CARB compliant
  • 29 lbs weight
Honda EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
9.9/10 Our Score
  • 2200 watts power
  • weight: 46.5 Pounds
  • Tank Volume: 0.95 Gallons
  • Perfect for home, camping, RV, and job site
  • Super quiet in operation; 48 to 57 dBA
  • Parallel compatible
  • It Runs 4.0 to 9.6 hours on a single tank


Honda EU3000IS Portable Home Gas Power Generator
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Perfect for running furnace, TV, blenders, fridge, microwave,  most 13,500 BTU RV AC units, and much more
  • Super quiet. 49 to 58 dB (A)
  • Fuel efficient runs up to 20 hours on 3.4 Gal. 
  • it runs 7.2 to 20 hours on a single tank
  • Advanced inverter technology 
  • Oil alert protection 
Honda EG4000CLAN 4000-Watt
8.4/10 Our Score
  • Perfect for comercial use
  • Long run time – up to 14.8 hours
  • Advanced carbon monoxide detection system
  • Choose between using both 120 and 240 Volts, or 120 Volts only.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, this is the perfect time for grabbing the offer. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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