7 Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor

The motion sensor flood lights are a smart choice because you need a large battery to illuminate your lawn the whole night.

Solar floodlights with motion sensors can identify the running object from a wide range and angle. Also, these lights are dimmable.

Lights of this type require low energy because they don’t waste energy. So, protecting your property from thieves or trespassers, these solar motion sensor flood lights are reliable. 

In this article, I will show you the best solar flood lights with motion sensors on the market. Also, you will get a handful of guides on selecting the best product for your property. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Comparison Table for Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor

XZN Solar Lights Outdoor
XZN Solar Lights Outdoor
  • Number Of LED: 266
  • Lumen: 800
  • Number of Head:3
Solar Lights Outdoor
Solar Lights Outdoor
  • Number Of LED: 132
  • Lumen: 1500
  • Number of Head:3
Solar Lights Outdoor
Solar Lights Outdoor
  • Total LED: 210 
  • Lumen: 2500
  • Number of Heads: 3
Aigleya Solar Lights Outdoor
Aigleya Solar Lights Outdoor
  • Number Of LED: 230
  • Lumen: 2000
  • Number of Head:3

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Flood Lights

Difference Between Dusk to Dawn and Motion sensor flood light 

The mechanism of the dusk to dawn flood light is super simple. Unless the battery is depleted, the light will remain on until the morning. So, for consistency, the dusk to dawn lights are best. 

On the other hand, the motion sensor flood lights turn on when the light senses motion. That means it doesn’t waste energy. So, you will get the service even on gloomy days in the rainy season. 

Battery Capacity

Almost all solar floodlights come with a Lithium-Ion battery. The capacity of the battery is measured by the term mAh (milliamp-hours). Simply, the more the mAh, the more the storage capacity inside the battery. The regular range of the solar flood light battery is around 2000 mAh to 3500 mAh.

You do not need to worry about the battery capacity for the motion sensor floodlight if you live in an area that gets 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. 

Range and Angle

If you want to cover more area in your lawn or patio, you could consider more bulbs. Different types of solar floodlights are available in the market. Some of them come with 128 bulbs and some come with 210 LED bulbs. 

The motion-activated Solar flood light’s covering angle is crucial for security. It would be best to consider a light that is at least 270 degrees. There are also 360-degree solar lights on the market. 

Charging and Run Time

Solar flood lights need a certain amount of time to charge depending on the battery capacity. It usually takes 6-8 hours to fully charge. As a result, the solar light should be placed where the sun can shine throughout the day. 

Bulb Types

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are the most popular today. LEDs consume less energy and produce a high intensity of light. Like old-fashioned technology, LEDs don’t produce excessive heat. In addition, LEDs have a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs. Therefore, LED is the most suitable for outdoor use. 

IP Rating

IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating. In reality, this is a two-digit number that indicates the outdoor bulb’s ability to resist moisture and debris. 

The first part (range 1-6) represents how well the bulb resists solid particles. The higher the number, the greater the protection against dust and solid particles. This system prevents even fine dust at a score of 6. 

The second number has a range of 1-8. It indicates how well the light resists the water. If it is 8, then the light is completely waterproof. 

Most food light comes with a rating score between 65 and 67. 

Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor

Let’s take a look at the best solar flood light with a motion sensor. To select them, I considered different features. 

AmeriTop Wireless LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Our Top Pick
AmeriTop Wireless LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights
9/10 Our Score
  • 270° Wide Angle Illumination
  • 128 LED bulbs in each package 
  • Waterproof (IP 65 Rating)
  • Motion Sensors can detect an object’s motion up to 26 feet. 
  • 18650 – 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

AmeriTop is one of the leading brands of solar floodlights. You will receive 2 AmeriTop solar floodlights with this package. Together, they will cover 1600 square feet. The solar floodlight has an IP65 rating and a motion detecting system. Therefore, it is waterproof and long-lasting. 

AmeriTop’s solar flood light has an accurate motion detection system. The sensor will only detect the following objects. 

  • Human 
  • Animals 
  • Vehicles 

Illumination, wind, and rainwater will not be detected. Charging takes 8 hours and the efficiency is high. 


  • Auto On and Auto Off light. No need to switch off/On the light in the morning and evening
  • High area coverage (800 feet) 
  • Super Bright Light (800 Lumens)
  • Long battery life (15000 hours)
  • Perfect for corridors, garage, backyard, lawn, and gate 
  • Super easy to install 


  • This is for a small area. You need a few packages to enlighten a large area. 

XZN Solar Lights Outdoor

Our Top Pick
XZN Solar Lights Outdoor
9/10 Our Score
  • 1.5W monocrystalline silicon solar panel 
  • 2200mAh Lithium-Ion solar battery 
  • 266pcs super bright LED beads
  • 800LM Brightness 
  • Detect the motion up to 26ft
  • 340° wide lighting angle

With XZN Solar floodlight, you could get a wider floodlight that has motion detection technology. Featuring 266 LED bulbs, this solar flood light has three heads. With this bulb, you will get 800 Lumens of light. 

This one, too, has an IP 65 rating. Therefore, it is waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use. You can place it anywhere outdoors since it is a 340-degree adjustable solar panel. It is pretty easy to install. Select the location and attach the solar light with the screw. 


  • Very easy to install 
  • 3 heads for wide lighting angle 
  • Waterproof and dustproof 
  • Long working time (6-9 hours)


  • This is not for covering your entire lawn or walkway. On a large lawn or patio, one package will not cover everything.

LEPOWER Solar LED Security Lights 

LEPOWER Solar LED Security Lights 

Our Top Pick
LEPOWER Solar LED Security Lights 
9/10 Our Score
  • IP65 Waterproof Solar Flood Light
  • 1000 Lumen brightness 
  • 2400mAh Battery 
  • 50,000 hrs lifespan 
  • 72 FT sensing range at 180° wide detection angle
  • 15 feet of wire for flexible use 

Would you like a solar floodlight with a higher power output? You might want to consider this LEPOWER solar LED security light. It has a brightness of 1000 lumens, which is higher than the two previous ones. It comes with a 15-foot wire. This allows you to place the solar panel and light separately. 


  • Super easy to install and flexible 
  • Waterproof and Dustproof 
  • Longer lifespan 
  • Wider motion detection capacity and angle


  • Powerful but not enough power to enlighten the whole yard 

Cshidworld solar light

Cshidworld solar light

Our Top Pick
Cshidworld solar light
9.4/10 Our Score
  • 132 PCS high-end LED chips
  • 1500 lumens brightness
  • 3-night modes (Security Mode, Smart Brightness Control Mode, No Induction Mode)
  • 270° wide lighting angle 
  • 32 feet sensing distance
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 2400 mah battery 

With 132 LED lights, Cshidworld solar lights are highly bright. The package provides 1500 lumens of brightness. This one is brighter than the previous models. This solar flood light, too, comes with three heads. It can be placed in the garage, yard, walkway, lawn, and gates. 


  • Three brightness modes (30%, 60% and 80%)
  • Switch button 
  • Efficient solar panel 
  • Wide-angle light 
  • Perfect for outdoor 
  • Adjustable solar light 
  • Motion-activated 


  • Perfect for a medium-range area but not perfect for a large area like a farmhouse 

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my solar flood lights last longer?

In most cases, manufacturers include warranties that cover parts and labor costs. Some companies extend these warranty periods beyond what most homeowners expect. 

Manufacturers, for example, cover the life of the unit plus 10 years. Some companies offer lifetime coverage. You could check the manufacturer’s website for details.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Solar Security Light with Motion Sensors Require?

Maintenance for solar security lights depends largely on the type of unit they use. Some require little more than cleaning, while others require regular battery replacement. All solar security lights, however, should have their bulbs replaced every two years. Throughout the year, this will ensure proper operation.

Generally, motion sensors do not wear out over time, though some types may lose sensitivity after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

Final Thoughts 

Due to the rapid climate change, solar energy is the best option to save the earth. Motion sensors are fantastic inventions for saving energy and making the most of battery storage. My top picks will keep your sweet home safe. 

Thanks for being with us.


Rayan is an engineer, lives in a farmhouse. He has a passion for electronics and alternative energy. He loves to share his thoughts with other people. That is why he started the blog.

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