Best Engine Oil for Honda Generator of 2023

Honda is one of the most popular generators for its performance across the world. But we should keep in mind that a generator performs as well as the fuel we put into the engine.

You can not expect top-notch performance from your Honda generator without feeding the right type of engine oil. No matter how expensive your generator is. You will never get the expected or optimal performance from your generator.

SAE 10W-30 is the recommended oil type from the Honda itself for their generator. Many of us use the SAE 5W-30 Engine oil for Honda, especially in the colder season. But SAE 10W-30 is the perfect oil for Honda Generator.

Anyway, in this article, I have listed the best oil for Honda generators. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Oil for Honda Generator Comparison Table

Overall Best
Honda 08207-10W30
Honda 08207-10W30
  • 32 fluid ounce 
  • Viscosity: 10W-30 
  • Synthetic Oil 
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Royal Purple 06130-6PKRoyal Purple 06130-6PK
  • 32 Fluid Ounces
  • Viscosity: SAE 10W-30
  • Synthetic Oil
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Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30
  • 160 Fluid Ounces
  • Viscosity: SAE 10W-30 
  • Conventional oil 
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What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use for My Honda Generator?

Before going into the product review section, I want to clear you some points.

There is confusion among Honda users about engine oil. I met so many people who use the SAE 5W-30 oil for decades for their Honda generators. And their generator works fine.

Yes, Honda is one of the most flexible generators in the market. You could use any fuel. It depends on you. But as conscious users, we should consider what the manufacturer recommends. So, I recommend using the SAE 10W-30 oil for your Honda generator.

There is not a lot of difference between the 5W-30 and 10W-30 engine oil. Let me clarify the difference between the 5W-30 and 10W-30 engine oil.

Best oil for Honda generator

5W-30 vs 10W-30 Engine Oil for the Generator

To understand the difference between these two terms, you should know what the words mean.

Here, the first number 5 refers to how thick the oil is in the cold temperature.

W means the Winter season (W= winter; cold season).

The second number, 30, refers to the viscosity of the oil at a high temperature (100 degrees centigrade).

Let’s have a look at the key difference between these two oil types.

Comparatively thinner at a lower temperatureComparatively thicker at a lower temperature
Works great within -18 degrees Celsius to 35-degreeEngine takes times start in the winter
Lower viscosityLower viscosity
Engine starts easily in the winterEngine takes times to start in the winter

Best Oil for Honda Generator Review

Here is a review of the best oil for your Honda generator. Let’s have a look.

Our Top Pick
Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil

Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil

  • 32 fluid ounce 
  • Viscosity: 10W-30 
  • Synthetic Oil 

This is the recommended oil for the Honda generator made by Honda. So, you can rely on this oil 100%.

It is a 32-fluid-ounce bottle. You will get two bottles in this package.

Honda recommends using Synthetic oil for their generator. Synthetic oil includes additives that protect the oil from freezing.

So, if you have an inverter generator or Open frame generator made by Honda, you could use this Oil to run your generator smoothly during winter and summer.

Since it is a 10W30 oil, the viscosity is high. But it will not be a problem to start your engine in the winter at all.

This is expensive. Apart from this drawback, this one is the perfect engine oil for the Honda generator.

Our Top Pick
Royal Purple 06130-6PK API-Licensed SAE 10W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil - 1 qt. (Case of 6)

Royal Purple 06130-6PK API-Licensed SAE 10W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil – 1 qt. (Case of 6)

  • 32 Fluid Ounces
  • Viscosity: SAE 10W-30
  • Synthetic Oil

You might be interested in this Royal Purple 06130-6PK. If you never use this Royal Purple SAE 10W-30, you could take a chance to use it. I bet you will not be disappointed. This is high-performance engine oil indeed.

Every bottle contains 32 fluid ounces of oil. And this one is a package of 6 bottles.

This synthetic oil is made for gasoline engines. So, if you have a dual-fuel or inverter Honda generator, you could try this one.

Like the Honda oil, you can use this Royal Purple all around the year. It will not be freezing because it is a synthetic oil.

If you want to use anything other than Honda oil, I recommend using this engine oil. It will keep your engine corrosion-free, and you will get the best service for an extended period.

Our Top Pick
Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil - 5 Quart

Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil – 5 Quart

  • 160 Fluid Ounces
  • Viscosity: SAE 10W-30 
  • Conventional oil 

If you don’t want to use synthetic oil, I have another choice for you. This 10W-30 Conventional oil from Castrol is a proven quality oil for the gasoline generator for an extended period.

This conventional oil will protect your engine from sludge. Apart from basic safety, it will protect your engine against viscosity and thermal breakdown.

I love this engine oil for its oil efficiency. You will get better performance with the minimum cost.

Since it is not a synthetic oil, you may face a bit of a problem during the freezing temperature. If you are not living in such an area, I recommend you use this one.

Oil for Honda Generator (FAQs)

Can I use synthetic oil in my Honda generator?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in your Honda generator. In fact, synthetic oils are often recommended for Honda generators because they provide better performance and protection. Synthetic oils are made from chemical compounds, which allows them to provide better lubrication, reduce friction, and protect the engine from wear and tear. They also have a longer lifespan and are better suited for extreme temperatures, which is especially important for generators that may be used in hot or cold environments.

what kind of oil does a Honda 2200 generator take?

The Honda EU2200i generator is designed to use 4-stroke motor oil that is rated API service category SJ or later. Honda also recommends using a high-quality detergent oil with a viscosity of SAE 10W-30.

Honda recommends using its own Honda Genuine Oil, but you can also use other high-quality oils that meet the above specifications. Some popular options include Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil, Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Oil, and Castrol EDGE Full Synthetic Oil.

Can You Mix 5w30 & 10w30 Oil?

Yes, you could mix these 5w30 & 10w30 Oil if it is necessary. Many people have become in confusion about this particular question.
The main difference between these two types is viscosity. It will not cause harm to the generator engine. This phenomenon is widespread for the car engine, though.

What Is the Difference Between Mineral and Synthetic Engine Oil?

Mineral oil is also known as conventional oil. Usually, mineral oil is made from natural ingredients like crude oil (crude oil is made from minerals). That is why it is known as mineral oil.
On the other hand, synthetic oil is made from artificial ingredients to extend the oil’s shelf life. You can use synthetic oil 2x to 3x more than mineral oil. Synthetic oil is expensive. This oil type includes additives that protect the oil from freezing.

how much oil does a Honda eu2000i take?

The Honda EU2000i generator requires approximately 0.42 US quarts (or 13.5 ounces) of oil when performing an oil change. It is important to use high-quality oil that meets the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for the generator. The oil level should be checked regularly and kept within the recommended range to ensure optimal performance and protect the engine from damage.

Final Thoughts

Honda is a popular brand and luckily they provide all the information on the web. If you have any confusion about my opinion, you could check the official Honda website. You may be confused because many of us use the SAE 5W-30 instead of the 10W-30.

I recommend you use the manufacturer’s recommended oil. Because they have developed the system and they know which one is best.

But you can also use the 5W-30 engine also. It will not harm your engine.

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